Surrendering to “what is” and letting go of the state of “resistance” is a process that can be particularly challenging…

In these times, it is more important than ever, to not neglect those aspects of your being that require love, compassion and understanding directly from YOU. No one can “do it alone”. Everyone feels a sense of failure at times. We don’t need to keep going regardless, to prove something to ourselves or others. We can allow ourselves to just be. We can give ourselves permission to just be. Those things that no longer serve our highest good will fall by the wayside. We may at times feel lost, completely alone – tears may flow, anger arise, self doubt may become overwhelming… a whole host of emotions could play centre stage, at different and unexpected times – but don’t suppress them – allow them to rise to the surface to be cleansed from your soul.

This is a time of transformation. The process of transformation can be uncomfortable, feel like your world has been turned upside down, that the building blocks you’ve placed together so carefully have been carelessly knocked over and broken and can’t be put back together… but that’s the point… It’s not meant to be how it was. Find comfort and peace in the fact that this is a time of transformation for all and together, we will learn lessons about ourselves, what’s crucial to our existence and the most important things that hold most value to us.

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Mother Earth

Now we have entered into the spring season, a time of rebirth. To translate this “renewal” on a global level at this present time shows us how Mother Earth is rebooting during our stillness which has allowed us to see what she is capable of – she can heal, if given the chance to. The air is cleaner than ever before – waters are rebalancing, attracting an abundance of life. Our stillness is powerful – our global language of silence is powerful. Watch Mother Earth unfold, blossom and grow.


If you are suffering with anxiety or depression during this time period, at Niroshini, we are offering a 20% discount on our Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) service (which can be carried out via Skype). We are here for you. If you are self-employed, we are offering the choice to pay in instalments.

EFT is based on energy psychology and clears physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks from your energy system. It works by tapping on meridian points coupled with the power of intention. It’s a tool for both adults and children. It can be adapted to any circumstances. EFT is good for health, happiness and even wealth.

What specific things can EFT be used for? Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, is renowned for saying “Try it on everything”. Read some of the things that EFT can help with on the following link: click here

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Sending Love & Peace

Spring Retreat at Belle Grove (4-7 May 2020)

We are excited to announce our upcoming spring retreat which will be held 4-7 May 2020, at the magical Belle Grove Barns in Suffolk.  bg-generalexterior

As you approach your luxury getaway, the first thing you’ll see through the trees is a dragon caressing the top of a building which sits snugly beside the 5 star cottages. The papaya coloured house and fairytale tower of this award-winning private home, is where the treatments and group healing sessions will be carried out for five guests.

The exquisite cottages where you’ll stay (also award-winning) are themselves a veritable Aladdin’s Cave, furnished with fascinating pieces that Jo and Nick, the owners of Belle Grove, have personally collected overseas, especially from Africa and Asia. Each space has a distinct quality, jewel-like interiors filled with an abundance of riches. It really does feel as if you’ve found the key to a treasure chest.

You’ll also be able to relax and enjoy the beautiful natural grounds of Belle Grove. In the warmer months, the lush tree-lined surroundings are dotted with vibrant flowers, the two ponds lit with flashes of iridescent blues and greens from dancing dragonflies. Visitors seeking peace and tranquillity are frequent returnees whatever the season. There is a network of country footpaths in the area, should you wish to explore further afield.

*Guests with mobility issues, may find Belle Grove’s room in the Upper Barn more comfortable. It has a king bed on the ground floor with a walk in shower room.* bellegrove-exterior-hires

At Niroshini Retreats, you will experience indulgent, holistic treatments, Saatvic cuisine based on Ayurvedic principles and live Indian music performed by international musician, Unnati Dasgupta. To listen to one of Unnati’s songs, please click here. To view the full itinerary, please see “highlights” here

To secure your place on our spring retreat (4-7 May 2020), please book by 31st March 2020 by emailing (We also have beautiful gift vouchers in their own gold embossed gift box, if you are wishing to treat that someone special). Gift Box

With Love from Melissa & the Niroshini Team x

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Alex Wilson, pianist and composer – “It’s not me…”

Alex will be performing at Niroshini Transformative Retreats, 28th – 31st October 2019 at Butley Priory

“I love playing music and seeing it move an audience. It’s not me doing this though – the music is not my own. I am transmitting energy – I am merely a channel of art, music, whatever you believe is above…” On listening to Alex, a picture was painted in my mind – the creation of “the music” was almost tapping into the divine, perhaps at times like automatic writing and then “that creation” in its beauty, shape, form, is communicated in whichever way it is received by the audience and Alex is just in the middle watching it spin around in its glorious magic, dancing off the hearts of audience members…

Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson, pianist and composer

Born in the UK, Alex spent the first year of his life, in the tropical Republic of Sierra Leone, on the South West coast of Africa with his father, an engineer and amateur classical pianist and mother, a race relations and equal opportunities campaigner. Alex’s grandfather, his father’s father, Barthes Wilson, was Minister of Education, implementing the Sierra Leone education system across government schools and universities, prioritising to increase the literacy rate across the country.

Alex’s grandfather, Barthes Wilson, Education Minister for Sierra Leone

alex's grandfather

Alex spent his later years in the UK, Austria and Switzerland. His interest in electronics and technology became evident in his early years, spending hours in his bedroom, working out how to use devices. Soon, Alex found his love and passion of music emerge and his attention turned towards Latin Jazz and Salsa arrangements.

Having his heart set on being a creative, Alex chose to turn his back on having career choice – moving up in the career chain and waved goodbye to the security of a 9-5 job. “When you follow art, all the normal luxuries of regular pay go by the wayside – and you quickly become accustomed to low, erratic pay”, Alex explains.

The big dream came one day when Alan Bates walked up to Alex at a festival and signed him to a 3 album deal with Candid; an independent record label specialising in contemporary, modern and mainstream Jazz, Blues, Latin and World Music.

Alex got the wonderful opportunity to record in Cuba and also worked with musicians such as Adalberto Santiago, Courtney Pine and Jocelyn Brown to name a few. Alex went on to receive the high musical industry accolade, “Rising Star Award” at the 2001 BBC Jazz Awards.

There was a turning point in Alex’s career when he decided to have independence from the label and “go out on his own”. A brave move but something he felt was necessary for the next phase in his creative ambitions.

In 2011, Alex was pianist and musical director for guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela on their album “Area 52”. It was recorded with C.U.B.A. (a 13 piece Cuban orchestra) and special guest musicians; Anoushka Shankar on sitar and Le Trio Joubran on oud. The project toured the world in 2012 for 5 consecutive weeks.

Alex says, “the appreciation and applause is like an energetic exchange of respect and gratitude. When you work for hours creating, getting lost in the flow or working to a deadline, “the connection” – seeing people being moved – makes that final piece in your journey of sharing what has been channelled through you to be shared, joyful and even more meaningful”.

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Butley Priory, where 6 retreat guests will have exclusive use of the entire building…

Alex has now performed in 62 countries and released 9 solo albums. With his varied and colourful experiences, he has developed recital “Touring Tapestry”, specially created for Niroshini Transformative Retreats (28th – 31st October 2019 at Butley Priory); weaving music from around the world with his touring stories, the ups and downs of the modern musician and the healing power of music… Alex will also be joining guests, for the evening meal, prior to his performance which will provide an opportunity, to ask questions about his world tour, albums and more… “I’m really looking forward to the retreat, it’s giving me a chance to explore music I don’t get to play”, says Alex.

This won’t be the first time Alex has performed in Suffolk – he already has a connection with the county. Having had several residencies at Aldeburgh Music and led courses there as well as working with Aldeburgh Young Musicians at the prestigious, Snape Maltings Concert Hall.

Alex feels that the experience of performing this intimate piece of work “Touring Tapestry” may be quite cathartic; almost a healing experience for him as well as sharing creations which he hopes will have a healing effect on the group of 6 women attending the retreat.

To hear one of Alex’s performances at the Sydney Opera House, please click here

To book your space on this special 3 night, luxury retreat, please email: or call: 01473 430026 Follow us on instagram: niroshini_retreats