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Therapy Consultant Service

It is essential that to maintain best practice, those offering therapy of any nature, work under supervision. By investing in this particular service, it protects both parties by introducing an impartial third party.

When a therapist uses the services of a Therapy Consultant, this enables them to:

♦ Discuss their work with clients

♦ Facilitate their offerings successfully

♦ Provide therapy in a healthy manner for the client (and themselves)

♦ Find strategies to manage their workload effectively

Although the term “supervision” is used to describe this role, it is not a managerial role. The Therapy Consultant is not seen to be “above or superior” to the therapist receiving supervision and guidance. The aim, is for both to work together, in order to maintain the best therapy service possible.

By objectively looking at the relationship between therapist and client, the Therapy Consultant identifies any issues that need exploring for example, projection and transference. This service will help the therapist reflect on the particular approach they are using with a client. It will also be an opportunity for therapists to examine their own feelings, belief systems, thoughts and behaviour towards a client on a regular basis.

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