Introducing, Yogic Practitioner, Katy Cox (spring Niroshini Retreat)

Upcoming Retreat Date: 4-7 May 2020 at 5 Star, Belle Grove Barns, Suffolk. To book, please email: (To secure your place, book by 31st Mach 2020).

Katy has worked internationally in the health and wellness retreat world for almost 20 years. She has provided her services at luxury retreat centres, for Royal Households and Rock and Roll Stars. At Niroshini Transformative Retreats, Katy will be providing her exceptional Saatvic cuisine that focuses on Ayurvedic principles as well as facilitating 2 morning yoga classes on days 2 and 3. katy

I’m a “Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner”…

Katy views herself as a Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner as she not only brings people her extraordinary culinary creations but is also a yoga practitioner and provides Yoga Therapy Massage which is an oriental style of massage on the floor using her feet, hands and elbows. Katy explains, “you can’t work on one element of yourself without being conscious of your environment and that’s why it’s important for me to integrate and deliver all offerings to my clients. My goal is to upgrade the health and well-being of those that I have the pleasure to work with. I love that I can unite people with the appreciation and love of food as well as yoga and meditation. There are no cultural, economic or physiological boundaries. In turn, I’m able to support myself by doing what I love”. Katy explains, “my life purpose is to nourish people, to reconnect them with their true essence and to help them approach life and themselves in a sacred way. My personal purpose is to live in a state of joy and harmony with the elements around me”.

Part of the ethics behind living a yogic lifestyle is to provide selfless service and Katy divides a portion of her time and energy, teaching yoga voluntarily. She has taught at Bali Silent Retreat (non-profit), as well as teaching the local staff. She has also taught yoga to orphaned girls in Myanmar. Additional to this, Katy dedicates her time to tree planting and marine conservation.

Katy explains “yoga is a spiritual practice, the physical benefits tie into the wider practice of cultivating your spiritual self. There are “8 limbs of yoga”. Yama: our ethics – how we conduct ourselves in society – show up as a human being. Niyama: our personal standards, self discipline (our habits) and self awareness – how we treat ourselves. Asana: our flexibility – when we practice yogic postures, it works as a detox on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. It also works on an energetic level so involves chakras. Pranayama: breathing technique. Pratyahara: sensory withdrawal – meaning deep contemplation, sitting in our inner cave. This can involve meditation. Dharana: focus and concentration – to train the mind, mental discipline i.e. to purposely cultivate compassion in the heart. Dhyana: all levels of meditation to reach a state of equilibrium and to be less effected by the external, cultivating inner peach and calm. Finally Samadhi: pure consciousness, bliss, dialling into being enlightened. No separateness between you and everything else. Although I’ve seen glimpses of deep states of connectedness and peace, I view myself very much still as a student”.

Katy yoga

Katy goes on to say “Yoga provides an awareness of the body. You work every joint, muscles and bone; it’s like an MOT when you’re on the mat. You check in and your body provides feedback – whether you need a little TLC or if you’ve overworked something. We tend to live from the head up and forget we have a body. We can use and abuse it until there’s a complaint. Yoga provides a rolling check in with the body”.

Katy continues to say “It would be great to have yoga as part of the school curriculum to provide children with body awareness and to teach them how to breathe properly. Our modern day technology closes off respiratory centres. There are an increasing number of young people diagnosed with dowager’s hump by leaning forward, using technological devices. Additionally to this, young people are growing to be more sedentary and obesity is on the rise. They are bombarded by external sources. It would be wonderful for them to integrate yoga into their lives and use it as a self care tool”.

Niroshini Transformative Retreats…

Katy will be providing guests with her delicious food over the 3 night stay. There will be breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as balancing, nourishing snacks and drinks mid-morning and mid-afternoon. On mornings 2 and 3, Katy will provide a 1 hour yoga class. Katy says “I’m excited about these retreats – they are special. There is such an intricate and carefully thought out itinerary. I feel that once people experience this retreat, they’ll make it part of their annual routine. It could appeal to groups of friends, individuals wanting to meet like-minded souls or even as a special wedding luxury treat, for the bride-to-be, to spend with her nearest and dearest before the big day! Additionally to this, the settings of the retreats are absolutely magical. I personally feel the venues are some of the most special I’ve ever seen”.

Nutritional Therapy Follow-up Service…

Want to know more about Ayurveda or are looking for guidance on how to upgrade your diet for optimal health?

Niroshini Guests will be invited to receive a 10% discount on their first appointment with Katy. If you would like to book onto our upcoming retreat, 4-7 May 2020 at 5 Star, Belle Grove Barns, please email: