Exciting News – Unnati Dasgupta performing at our spring retreat!

Upcoming Retreat Date: 4-7 May 2020 at 5 Star, Belle Grove Barns, Suffolk. To book, please email: info@niroshini.com (To secure your place, book by 31st Mach 2020).

Unnati brings a unique musical experience to her audiences, blending Spirituality with Pop and elements of Indian Classical. To Unnati, music is a seamless sonic journey towards the light. At Niroshini Transformative Retreats, Unnati will be treating guests to her beautiful, soulful and spiritual songs and will also facilitate a group “music mantra chanting” session.


Unnati says:

“The chanting session will be for bringing stillness to the mind, protection of your energy, attract abundance and to embody love & light in the expansive ocean of divinity.

It brings you closer to your soul and towards infinity… When one chants a mantra (a repeated spiritual lyric), the vibrations raise one’s consciousness. The healing power of music has the ability to impact the body, becoming medicine for the soul. The practice of kirtan or group singing and chanting or community singing, is beneficial for one’s mental health and this aspect of group singing brings a oneness of union with the divine. Chanting a powerful mantra 108 times, brings divine light internally and externally. This is the reason why mala rosary beads have 108 prayer beads. In a world focused on outer success, the real essence of life is to be found within, from soul consciousness, from the union with divinity”. 

Unnati will have her evening meal with guests so that they can ask her questions about her solo album “Indigo Soul” released in 2019 as well as her fascinating musical career.

Unnati was born into a musical family, she trained and performed with her father, Indian Classical vocalist, Nitai Dasgupta. At the tender age of 4, her first public performance was in front of an audience of 3,000 people at the Bhaktivedanta Mandir in London. Unnati’s single “Baarish Mein – In the Rain” was released on “The Glastonbury Unsigned Artistes” compilation album.

Since, she has performed at prestigious venues internationally, including, The Royal Albert Hall, Pizza Express Soho Jazz Club, Cadogan Hall and the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai.

One key career highlight for Unnati was performing “Raghupati Raaghav” at Westminster Abbey for Sir Richard Attenborough’s Memorial Service.

To hear one of Unnati’s performances, please click here

If you would like to book onto our upcoming retreat, 4-7 May 2020 at 5 Star, Belle Grove Barns, please email: info@niroshini.com