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Direct Trade Tea

Flowering Black Velvet

Finest Hand Rolled Orange Pekoe with Tea Flowers

The perfect luxury gift item for discerning tea lovers...


Our signature Sri Lankan hand rolled black tea, has a texture as smooth as velvet and is infused with white tea flowers. Once warm water is added to the loose tea leaves, the flowers will open, producing fragrant, delicate overtones of honey. It is “Orange Pekoe” meaning that it’s the finest tea of the highest grade.

This beautiful, flower infused tea, can be reused at least three times, meaning that you can get approx 50 cups of tea from your 33g pouch. Ensure you empty the teapot between infusions. The remaining leaves will be relatively dry and ready to use again. The water will penetrate deeper into the leaves for the next infusion, revealing new depths to the flavour.

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Direct Trade ✓ Handcrafted ✓ No plastic ✓ Zero carbon ✓

The natural fertilizer, comes from the farm's herd of rescued cows. No chemical fertilizers are used.

By trading directly with Niroshini Direct Trade Tea, the farmers get a higher percentage of profits resulting in tea workers receiving a fair, living wage.

Melissa's personal connection with the farm is that her eldest of two younger brothers, works there and loves being a part of a company with an ethical heart.

Purchase Options

You can purchase the tea on its own or as a "tea gift package".

What does the tea gift package include?

♦ Sponsorship of a student at Tea Leaf Vision in Sri Lanka for 3 months (English Diploma programme).

♦ One Mango Tree planted at the farm where Niroshini Direct Trade Tea is from, to help towards their tree planting and reforestation programme. The tree will be registered under your name so if you ever fancy taking a trip to the farm, you can see your tree in person. Additionally to this, you will receive a photograph of your tree once planted.

♦ One tin of our beautiful “Flowering Black Velvet” loose leaf tea.

The farm has planted thousands of shade trees to help increase shade cover and restore the soil (Gliricidia, Cassia Fistula, Dadap, Toona Ciliata, Illawarra Flame Tree, African Tulip, etc.). For the sponsored trees, the farm has chosen to only plant Mango. This is because they not only view the Mango Tree as the biggest and most beautiful but the full name of the farm is Ambagaswatte – meaning “Mango Tree Gardens”. The 250-year-old Mango Tree on the farm is considered their “lucky charm!”.

The Farm...


Flowering Black Velvet, is from a small farm, perched on a cliff above the great Ravana Ella Waterfall, nestled in the hidden valley of Ambadandegama. It can only be reached by narrow winding roads. Yet, historically the valley has borne witness to a rich history.

In the great Hindu epic, The Ramayana, written more than 4,000 years ago, Ravana, the king of Lanka, abducts Sita, the beautiful wife of Lord Rama. During Sita’s captivity in Sri Lanka, Ravana is said to have hidden her in a cave beneath the Ravana Ella Waterfall. After Rama, with the help of Hanuman and his monkey army, crossed to Sri Lanka and defeated Ravana in a great battle in the mountains of Uva, Sita bathed in the waterfall before being reunited with Rama. Today, thousands of pilgrims visit the base of the famous waterfall at the point where it passes under the Ella-Wellawaya Road.

The farm also straddles one of the ancient trade routes that connects Sri Lanka’s southern plains with the central highlands. The ancient path that winds along the farm's boundary, was once used by teams of elephants transporting salt from the salt flats of Kirinda to the Kingdom of Kandy.

Order information

You can place an order for our tea, by emailing:

Price: £12.50. per tin.

For wholesale, a minimum order of 1 batch (6 tins) is required.

Tea Gift Package: £65.00.

  • Packaging and standard Royal Mail postage fees will apply

A percentage of our tea sale profits will go to project Tea Leaf Vision, run via UK registered charity Tea Leaf Trust.




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