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Business Consultancy & Mentorship

Niroshini Business Consultancy Service

Website & social media review

♦ Content relevant to the purpose of the site

♦ Content, headers etc. are grammatically correct

♦ Effective in providing its purpose

♦ Use of current keywords

♦ Basic operation of website

♦ Navigate site with ease

♦ Design and branding review

♦ Marketing capabilities

Communication skills training for:

♦ Call centre teams

♦ Pitching a product or service to investors and/or organisations

♦ Public speaking

♦ Speaking in front of a camera

♦ Front of house staff

♦ Presenting to boardroom or panel

Niroshini Business Mentorship

Business plan review

♦ Objective feedback on your idea

♦ Potential challenges you may face

♦ Any essential missing information

♦ Business model viability

Marketing plan review

♦ Your unique selling proposition

♦ Effectiveness of your marketing strategy to reach desired audience

♦ Sales and distribution plan


Website Review

We contracted Melissa to do an extensive review of our website to look at user experience and how to simplify our messaging and tone. She was thorough, worked to our agreed timescales and her work was of the highest quality, additionally, her services were excellent value for money. I would recommend her for all online copy and strategic support. ~ Tim Pare, Tea Leaf Vision


Working with Melissa was a game changer. She directed me to find my own conclusions with patience and careful consideration, just as I was about to veer off in completely the wrong direction which would have been a costly time, emotional and financial mistake and to stick to my core business. Melissa is also extremely well connected and introduced me to a couple of inspiring key contacts. I highly recommend her mentoring service. ~ Laura Bridge, Celebrity Chef & Ayurvedic Consultant


We wanted Melissa to undertake an assignment, to build coalitions of UK government parties, to collaboratively sell 6m of specialised stock that we had acquired. We knew Melissa had previous experience in forming such relationships. Melissa however, had a different viewpoint on how to get our stock UK government approved and listed and within 24 hours, the task was complete. Although we asked Melissa if she would do this final step for us, she said “you have the skills within your own team to conduct this yourself”. This just showed me how authentic and ethical Melissa is and we will now always look to seek her professional help and guidance for future projects. ~ David Rafiq, Operations Director, Any Stock Buyer

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