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At Niroshini Cosmetic Acupuncture, Melissa Day provides the ultimate “non-surgical” facelift using facial and cosmetic acupuncture techniques and specialist massage; a completely natural alternative to Botox and cosmetic surgery.

It's a treatment that has been featured on TV’s "Ten Years Younger" and is much favoured as a natural beauty alternative by many preparing for "red carpet" events. It is a completely natural alternative to Botox and cosmetic surgery. The “Niroshini Cosmetic Acupuncture Ritual” is safe, efficient and effective.

Melissa also treats a range of health and skin requirements including sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, muscle tone, acne and other skin concerns and conditions.

She believes that every client is unique so all her treatments are completely bespoke and tailor-made for the individual.

The indulgent ritual combines Eastern and Western therapies, together with Melissa’s Reiki practice, providing not just physical but emotional and spiritual benefits too.

The advantage of acupuncture is that it’s completely natural – there are no pills or potions, nothing is injected and there is no scarring or recovery time as it’s a very gentle process.

It’s well known that these treatments are also restful and rejuvenating so be prepared to float out of any treatment at Niroshini Cosmetic Acupuncture, feeling
more than a little blissful.

Having consulted in one of the UK’s leading beauty salons, Melissa is also available to travel across East Anglia and London for private clients.

For more information, call customer service on: 01473 430026

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[If you are a customer of Simply Health, reimbursement for acupuncture, according to your individual plan, may be applicable].


Retreat to the Suffolk Countryside...

At Niroshini Transformative Retreats, Melissa invites you to experience 3 spiritual, grounding nights, in luxurious surroundings, in the heart of Suffolk.

The all-women retreats focus on enabling personal empowerment and balanced wellbeing. With tailor-made treatments and time for each group of 5-7 women to bond. The retreat offers a chance to focus on developing that deep core within each of us; that intuitive and “knowing” place and encourages the sharing of knowledge and personal development.

Niroshini treatments reference ancient traditional spiritual healing practices from Sri Lanka, some Indian philosophies with a little Peruvian and Ecuadorian magic included too!

Holistic treatments are offered so you’ll discover glorious ways to indulge yourself on all levels, with your body, mind and spirit reaping the benefits.

Our retreat venues are at award-winning Belle Grove and Butley Priory. For more information, please click here

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